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Doula Services

During your consultation you will have a chance to get to know me and how I practice as a birth doula. We will discuss what you kind of birth you wish to have, and how I can help support you through your pregnancy and labor/postpartum. If you feel I am what you are looking for, we can review the contract and schedule further appointments. This can take place in person or via phone/video-chat.

Free Consultation

2 Prenatal Visits

During your third trimester we provide 2 prenatal visits (virtual or in person) in preparation for the arrival of your baby. It is important for you and your partner/support person to have an open and trusting relationship with your birth doula. During these two visits we will establish what you expect from your support person and birth doula and how you wish to be cared for during and after labor. During these visits we will discuss and/or establish your birth plan. We will go over what you wish for your birth, any fears or questions you may have, and provide resources that can be helpful during this time and after birth.  The goal of the prenatal visits is to feel prepared and supported for your labor and delivery.

*Additional virtual prenatal visits can be scheduled as needed


                            During Labor

A birth doula is a great addition to your support system for you and your birthing partner. Sometimes you may just need a person there to keep you grounded and keep your mind at ease. Other times you may need hands on physical support with positioning and movements that provide comfort and encourage progression. Labor and delivery can be quite unpredictable and overwhelming, just like life, but no matter what, our number one goal is to care for you and support you in hopes that you will have a happy and liberating birth experience. 

Postpartum Follow-Up Visit

1-2 weeks after you deliver and are settled in your home, we will have a postpartum visit. We will discuss how you are feeling physically and mentally after the birth, how baby is doing, and how feeding is going. We can give you hands on tools to help encourage breastfeeding, like positioning and latching. We can provide some help with brief household tasks to help the transition go smoother. Some resources we may provide at this time are lactation consultant and mental health support groups/therapies.

*Additional postpartum support and visits can be scheduled for up to 12 weeks after birth, for an additional fee. 

Birth Doula 

As a postpartum doula I offer support during the first 12 weeks after birth. My support differs between different families, but some common things I do are, overnight newborn care, household cleaning, meal prep, care for the parents. and care for siblings. I may provide resources if additional support is need, like a therapist or lactation consultant. I offer postpartum support during the day and overnights. Everyone's postpartum experience is difference and I am here to help support you as you navigate this new experience. I can be hired for postpartum support along with birth doula support or I offer this separately as well. A free consult is always welcomed and recommened!

Postpartum Doula 

As a virtual doula I will provide virtual support. I am available via email, text, and call. 1 prenatal visit is provided in this package where we can discuss/create your birth plan. I can provide resources that will be helpful during and after pregnancy. During your labor I am available to video chat or call when things get stressful to give you and your partner some pointers to help physically and give emotional support. For your postpartum visit we will discuss how you are feeling physically and emotionally after the birth and how your baby is doing.  Again. I will offer you resources that will fit your individual needs as a new parent. 

Virtual Doula

Online Classes

If you are looking for some classes that you can take at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home (and pajamas!) Here are some great resources for you.

Pregnancy and Birth Meditation


Preparing for Birth 

Infant Feeding Course

PP doula
Birth Doula
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