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My name is Abigail

I have lived in Lansing, Michigan my entire life and am very familiar with what Mid-Michigan has to offer. I have always loved everything surrounding pregnancy and birth, I want to make a lasting impact on families. Although I am not a mother yet, I want to provide the same support for families that I wish to have one day myself. As a doula I have learned that I want to broaden my scope of practice, I am currently in nursing school at Davenport University and will graduate in 2026 with hopes of becoming a Labor and Delivery nurse and eventually a nurse midwife! 

As of January of 2021, I am a certified  birth doula through Best Doula Training.  I am a certified birth doula through Lifespan Doulas  as of March 2023. I am also a member of The Lansing Doula Network. 

My goal is to help those giving birth to feel supported emotionally and physically throughout pregnancy and labor. I want all my clients to understand that they have the right to make their own decisions for their health and body with informed consent and education. I fully enjoy supporting families as they prepare for birth, and supporting them after in the postpartum time as they adjust to life as a new family.


I love to capture life's greatest moments as well! It has always been something I enjoyed growing up. I offer maternity, birth, lifestyle newborn, and family photography! 

Why Liberating Birth Services? |  My Beliefs

Receiving the care you desire and birthing the way you wish is a right that I believe you should not have to fight for, however it is very important to advocate for yourself. As your doula, my goal is not only to advocate for you, but with you  I will help you build the confidence and have the tools you need so that you are your own advocate, because nobody knows what you need better than you! Being able to voice your opinions and birth the way you want to birth should be a very liberating experience (hence Liberating Birth Services)!

Birth is a very unique and different experience for everyone, as your doula I will care for you in the ways that best fit you, as an individual, because feeling cared for and supported means something a little different for everyone.

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